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Monday, October 12, 2009

She couldn't wait...

We got Emilia a Rody for her birthday. I asked Ryan to air it up before the party so that Emilia would at least have some idea what it was. We didn't bother to hide it from Emilia since she really has no concept of birthdays, or presents, or opening presents, or surprises. The problem? This immediately led to jealousy on Ella's part. "Why did Emilia get a present early? It's not fair. I can't wait until my party to open my presents." She had already been driving us crazy all day, and this new whining about pushed us over the edge.

We knew Aunt Brandi wouldn't mind if Ella opened her present early. (In fact, she'd already given us permission. Aunt Brandi understands the need to open presents early.) So we let Ella at it.

A Sponge Bob stereo!

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