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Thursday, December 31, 2009

Comedy of Errors

We've had a fun Christmas so far (pictures to follow eventually). Our families are fabulously generous, and we've loved spending time with Aunt Brandi and her family and my friend Kenzie. However, our break has not been without some humorous complications. Here are some of the highlights.

As soon as we got out of school, we hit the road for Wichita. The trip was uneventful, until I missed the turn for Towne East. As I was flipping around, I heard a sound from the back seat...Emilia puking all over her car seat and coat. We cleaned up the car seat as best we could, but it smelled like puke the rest of the trip (and made her smell like puke every time she sat in it). We had to buy Emilia a new coat, too. Luckily I found a cute and reasonably-priced one at Dillards, which Emilia fell in love with and refused to remove. And the car seat cover probably needed to washed anyway.

On the way home from Wichita, Emilia fell asleep before we were even out of town. She slept all the way to Montezuma, which was fabulous. But Ella needed a bathroom stop in Greensburg. So I dropped Ella and Ryan off at the convenience store and then drove around town to keep Emilia asleep. (By the way, there are some incredible new homes in Greensburg, and some incredibly huge potholes. Not so great when you're trying to keep a baby asleep.) Luckily Emilia stayed asleep. I picked Ryan and Ella back up, and I thought I gave Ella plenty of time to get herself arranged. But I had forgotten what a slowpoke she can be. I started to pull out of the parking lot, only to realize that not only had Ella not gotten herself buckled in, she hadn't even closed the car door. I know, I know, I should have looked, but I didn't. So Ella tried to reach for the door to close it, and her unbuckled booster seat began to tip. I slammed on the brakes and narrowly averted a parking lot spill. Good times.

Monday we went to Rolla for Chandler's birthday party, and Tuesday Trena took family pictures of the Burrows clan. It went remarkably well for us being such a huge group, and included some strange combinations of children posing together....Ella and Preston together; Ella, Preston, Ashton, and Anya together; and so on. There are many camera hogs in our family. I'll post a link when Trena gets them uploaded.

We had planned to go over to Rolla on Christmas Eve, but all the meteorologists were forecasting blizzard conditions with eight inches of snow, so we wound up going over a day early. We packed up the girls' snowsuits and prepared to be snowed in. My parents, who had planned on joining us in Rolla for Christmas, stayed home. And we got absolutely no snow. None at all. Nada. Zip. Zero.

Before we left for Rolla, I ran Emilia to the clinic because her snotty nose just wasn't clearing up. They put her on an antibiotic, which cleared up the snotty nose immediately, but also led to tremendous diarrhea and many ruined pairs of tights. And a path of stains on the family room carpet. And diaper rash.

On the Tuesday after Christmas, we went to Garden City with Brandi and the girls and Kenzie. Ella had a dentist appointment, and we did some shopping. The good news: Ella didn't have any cavities, and the dentist said she was doing a good job keeping her teeth clean. The bad news: she left her new purse (which held her new Nintendo DS and her digital camera) at the dentist's office. Had we known she had her DS and camera in the bag, it wouldn't have left the car, but we didn't know. That's how things go. We didn't realize the purse was missing until we got home that evening, and it was too late to call all the places we'd been and track it down. Luckily the dental hygienist had found the purse and was holding it for us. So Ryan made a flying trip back to Garden the next day to pick it up.

While we were Garden, we also went to Sam's Club for diapers and wipes. I found some sheepskin boots and was trying to sort through the mess of sizes when Ryan called from the front of the store, ready to check out. So I gave up on finding my size and took the girls to the snack bar while Ryan checked out. I didn't realize I had set an empty box of boots on the top of the cart while I was sorting through all the boots, and Ryan didn't realize the box was empty, he just thought I was buying a pair of boots, so we paid $34 for an empty box. Luckily we were able to return the box and get our money back, on yet another trip to Garden.

It's always interesting with us. Everything has turned out all right, but I think we'll be ready to return to some semblance of normalcy when this break is over.

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