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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Another ear infection and the 940 dance company

I took Emilia to the doctor yesterday to find out she has yet another ear infection. This is her sixth time on antibiotics in one year, and her second since she got tubes. It's getting kind of frustrating, but after just one dose of the antibiotic, she seems to be feeling better.

The doctor's office was packed. I've never seen the waiting room so busy. Dr. Randhawa seemed very tired and stressed; he said there are just so many sick kids right now, that he's overwhelmed, but he doesn't have the heart to turn anyone away.

Emilia is continuing to toddle around...she's progressed from walking like Frankenstein to walking like a drunk.

Ella and I went to see the 940 dance company in Liberal on Saturday. We've seen them before when they were in Satanta, but it's been several years, and Ella really didn't remember it. Ella loved the performance. Their last piece was really cool. They gave us 3-D glasses and turned out all the lights in the auditorium. The dancers held lights while they danced, and the 3-D glasses gave their lights a prism effect. It was awesome.

Ella was very enthusiastic at dance last night, and Mrs. Gallagher said she did a great job. (That's saying a lot for Ella, who usually falls down about 10 times a night.) Ella is now into modern dance because the 940 dancers talked a little bit about the differences between modern dance and ballet. Mrs. Gallagher said if Ella continues to be enthusiastic about modern dance, she can incorporate some modern dance into Ella's class. Ella only has one other little girl in her class, so Mrs. G can be pretty flexible. Mrs. G also said she wants to do "whatever feeds Ella's soul." That's why we love Mrs. Gallagher.

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