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Saturday, September 26, 2009

Friday Fun

It was beautiful last night, so invited friends over for a high-class meal of Cheez-its, salsa, and frozen pizza, which we enjoyed on the back deck. We set a beautiful tablescape with a vinyl tablecloth, Styrofoam plates, and plastic forks (only the best in our house), and watched the kiddos play.

Emilia has discovered that she loves the backyard. She used to hate being down in the grass, but now she loves to crawl all over the place. She's also learning to walk. She's been taking a step or two for a few weeks, but now she's progressed to walking for several feet before collapsing. She's at the Frankenstein walk stage, hands in the air with very jerky steps. Every time she does, she smiles because she's so proud of herself.

She loves to play with Jaxon, but sometimes things get a little rough.

Ella, Alex, and Ava still love to jump from the eagle's nest to the trampoline. I tried to do it and found the experience entirely too terrifying. I couldn't even climb up on the railing before I chickened out.

Here the girls are cheering as they jump. One of their favorite cheers is "Ice cream, ice cream, cookies and cream, what's the matter with the other team?" which quickly degenerated into pure nonsense involving chickens and Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders. By the time Ava was in a too-small leotard and Ella was in a princess costume, it had, unfortunately, become too dark for me to take pictures.

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