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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Breakfast with (a fake) Santa

The Mall in Hays sponsored a breakfast with Santa Saturday morning, so I took the girls out. While we were waiting in line, Santa entered the room. Ella took one look at him and announced, "That's a fake Santa!" I managed to quiet her down with the whole "Santa has many helpers" line, and by the time Santa made it around to our table, she had apparently gotten over her indignation enough to talk to him. On the car ride back to Grandma's house, I quizzed her about fake Santa versus real Santa.

"What made you think that Santa was a fake?" I asked, expecting her to point out that the mall Santa was a little on the thin side. She's used to the Jeremy Hazen, the Satanta football coach, as Santa, and he's a pretty burly guy.

"His voice was all wrong," she replied.

"What does Santa's voice sound like?"

"Not like that. Besides, his beard didn't meet his hair."

I hadn't noticed that. "So is the Santa you see in Satanta the real Santa?" I asked.

Moment for reflection. "Nope."

"Have you ever seen the real Santa?"

Silence again. "I don't think so."

"So how do you know this wasn't the real Santa?"

"Because, Mommy, his beard was all wrong."

"So do you think this Santa will be able to tell the real Santa what you want for Christmas?"

"Yes, he'll send the real Santa a letter."

Emilia had been having a very grouchy morning, so I was a little worried about taking her out in public, but she loved it. There was a big open area between the food line and the seating, so she ran around and danced to the Christmas music. She showed off and flirted with all kinds of people. She was curious about Santa, but I didn't even attempt to get her too close. Here you can see her watching Ella talk to Santa.

I really wasn't expecting quality food (after all, it was free), but the pancakes were yummy. Here's Ella attacking hers like a wild woman.

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  1. These poor children who have to manage to say that they visit Santa in Satanta . . . while listening to Santana. :)