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Monday, October 4, 2010

Happy Birthday, Emilia!

Emilia is two today! Here's an update on Little Baby Naughty Pants:

Favorites: chocolate milk, candy, junk food of any kind, balls, babies, having her hair brushed, getting her nails painted, climbing, being outside, anything dangerous

Hobbies: hiding things in the refrigerator, trying to get the Reddi-Whip out of the refrigerator to spray in her mouth, trying to find candy, following the big kids around, generally creating havoc

Nicknames: Little Baby Naughty Pants, Meals, Happy Meal, Poopsie Rotten Bottom, Stinky Pants, Grouchy Pants, Monkey, Sleepikins, Mia

Special skills: finding candy

An abridged Emilia lexicon:

Peas (Please) = give me the candy
Thank you = hey, you gave me candy!

1 comment:

  1. Well HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO EMILIA aka Little Baby Naughty Pants.
    A note to mommy: She's not going to like you mentioning that nick name on her wedding day :)