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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Dorky love

Ella really is a nerd, just like her mama. Want proof? Just watch her…

· Flap her arms when she gets really excited (although that is clearly a Burrows trait, not one from my gene pool),

· Fall down 47 times in 10 minutes,

· Wear goggles and nose-plugs to run through the sprinkler,

· Worry that someone is faster than her at addition,

· Or become super competitive about AR points.

Yet sometimes, I look at my nerdy girl and think, “Wait a second, she’s not acting like a nerd. At all.” Case in point: she has plastered her walls with pictures of Justin Bieber. Now, I’ll admit, I plastered my walls with pictures of Kirk Cameron, but that wasn’t until 4th or 5th grade. Isn’t 1st grade a little early for celebrity crushes? Ella knows all the popular songs and wants them downloaded to her iPod. She’s conscious of fashion (and name-brands) in a way that I wasn’t until late grade school (if ever). She knows to pair her skinny jeans with ballet flats without anyone telling her to. She gets excited about the release of stores’ “spring lines” (her terminology). She obsesses about wearing the right shoes (and hates PE due to the restrictions it places on her shoe choices). She does her own hair, wears lip gloss, and often applies way too much perfume.

Where is this coming from? Is my little girl not as dorky as I thought? Is this a different form of geekiness? Is there such a thing as a fashion geek? Is she growing up too fast? Is it the influence of an increasingly global society and the over-sexualization of children and too much Disney Channel? These thoughts race through my mind as she pores over the Justice catalog. But then she falls down going up the stairs, pretends to be homeless, and takes her embroidery kit to school for Show and Share. Her glasses slip down on her nose, her hair falls in her eyes, and I know that no matter how hip or stylish she may become, she’ll always be my little dork.

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