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Monday, January 31, 2011

yeah, it's monday

Yesterday our bathroom smelled suspiciously like cat pee, even though the litter box had been freshly cleaned. This morning I discovered the source when I reached out of the shower for my towel. Yeah, the cat had peed on the only towel in the bathroom, leaving me to wrap up in my robe and run dripping wet to the other bathroom for a fresh towel.

Remind me again why we have pets...


  1. Princess the Hymalayan at our house will pee on any rug in the bathroom that is fuzzy....thus the bath mat is in place. Guess it feels good on her you know what!!! Zelma

  2. Oh no! Did you do something to tick the cat off?
    We have love our animals because they are so unique and do things (like pee on our towels) just so we can talk (and later laugh) about it.
    Give the cat a hug. He/She may never do it again. :)