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Saturday, March 21, 2009

The best thing about Spring Break? Sleep!

The weeks leading up to Spring Break were exhausting--with junior high quiz bowl, forensics, Daily Light Saving Time, and a baby with a cold, we were ready for a break. As soon as we finished parent teacher conferences on Friday, we loaded up and hit the road. First we headed to Hays, where Emilia got acquainted with Bennie.

Ella and Grandma Agnes visited Sternberg Museum, one of Ella's favorite places. We relaxed and helped Grandma and Grandpa pick out new flooring--they decided on light oak.

On Monday we loaded up again and made our way to Derby. We visited Aunt Brandi, Uncle Josh, and the girls. We helped Aunt Brandi go through toys (Emilia got to bring a bunch home!) and hold a garage sale. It was time to come home on Friday. Luckily, Emilia was a good little traveler. She slept most of the time we were on the road, which was wonderful. Ryan is pretty tired of being trapped in the backseat between two car seats, though! We spent today unloading and cleaning house. The weather here is beautiful, just a bit windy, so we also played outside. Monday we're back to school.

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