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Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My baby is sooooo fat

Emilia is so fat...

How fat is she?

The back of her neck looks like a package of hot dogs.

She's got more rolls than a bakery.

Her cheeks have their own zip code.

No, seriously. This is how fat she is. We just got some clothes of Ella's back that Brandi had used for Anya and Ally. Emilia isn't even six months old yet. She can fit into clothes (size 12-18 months) that Ella couldn't wear until she was 18 months old.

I know, I know. Ella was a tiny little thing. The clothes have shrunk some because they've been washed so many times. Emilia will slim down once she starts moving.

But still.

Emilia is so fat that we met a dad a couple of weeks ago who said he was going to put his one-year-old boy on steroids so she couldn't beat him up!

Emilia is fat that strangers walk up to us in the mall to squeeze her cheeks.

Emilia is so fat that the brand new 6-12 months onesie I put on her yesterday is almost too small.

She's cute. She's healthy. She's fat.


  1. She's adorable! I love Emilia's chubby cheeks and legs and arms and hands etc... You go girl!

  2. You are terrible, making jokes about your poor helpless baby. I'm shocked! My favorite roll is Emilia's mid arm roll. Anya was fat, but never even came close to that.