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Sunday, March 29, 2009

Would anyone like a free cat?

This is our cat Lily enjoying herself on the dining room table. I think we've kicked her off the table ten times today. Ryan removes her gently; I usually send her flying across the room.

I let her outside before I began typing this post; now, about one minute later, she's scratching to be let in. I think she'll just have to wait.

Yesterday I caught her in the crib, taking a nap with Emilia. She ran away before I could get the camera. (Yes, it's annoying. No, I don't worry that she'll steal the baby's breath.)

Now she just ran down the steps. She must have gotten the door open herself--she can do that. Sometimes she gets herself trapped between the screen and the door and has to meow until one of us rescues her.

Maybe once the snow melts she'll calm down?


  1. Maybe Lily just needs a friend, perhaps Taft could keep her company?

  2. Nice try, but not a chance.