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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Creamy Mexican Corn Soup Recipe

This recipe was included with some kitchen utensils in one of my wedding gifts, and I make it every summer when we have fresh corn. It is delicious!

1 C. chopped onion
1 garlic clove, minced
3 T. butter
1 tsp. ground coriander (I didn't have this last time I made it, so I just left it out)
1 tsp. ground cumin
1 T minced green chilies (I just use a small can)
1 1/2 C. chopped fresh tomatoes
2 C. diced potatoes
1/2 C. chopped green pepper
1/2 C. chopped red pepper (I frequently just use one green pepper and no red pepper)
2 C. vegetable broth
2 1/2 cups fresh corn, cut off the cob
1 C. milk
1 C. shredded cheese (I usually use cheddar-jack)
2-3 T. sour cream

Garnishes: chopped jalepeno, scallions, roasted red peppers, sour cream, cheese, corn chips

In a soup pot, saute onions in butter until very soft. Add garlic, coriander, cumin, and chilies. Saute two minutes. Add tomatoes and cook until juicy. Add potatoes, bell peppers, and broth. Cover and simmer until potatoes are tender. Add corn and heat thoroughly. In blender, puree half of the soup with milk and cheese. Stir puree back into soup pot. (I just use an immersion blender and puree about half the mixture right in the soup pot.) Add sour cream, salt and pepper to taste. Heat slowly until soup is hot but not boiling. Serve with garnishes on the side.

The recipe says it serves 6, but I usually get more servings out of one recipe.

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