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Monday, August 3, 2009

Happy Birthday, Hunter

My youngest nephew Hunter(isn't he a cutie?) turned two this past week, and we had his party last night in Rolla. He's really into horses, so his babysitter's husband brought in a horse for all the kids to ride.

We brought Ava along for the party. We got to Rolla early enough to go swimming with Stacy, Ashton, and Hunter. Emilia loves the water, but she was completely uninterested in the fancy flotation device Brandi gave us--she just wanted me to hold her.

Ella's such a strange child. She had no fear when we went to Splash Amarillo and Wonderland last week, but yesterday, when some of the kids at the pool put noodles over the end of the waterslide, she completely freaked out, started crying, and refused to go down the slide. Explain, please....

We were just about to head home after the party when Ryan heard on the radio that residents of Satanta were advised to take cover due to a tornado. Ryan called Leanne, who was in the basement. We waited until we thought the storm had passed and hit the road. We saw an incredible light show to the south but didn't drive through any bad weather at all. And apparently the tornado in Satanta didn't do any damage. I think all of Satanta must have been out watching it judging by the number of pictures I've seen on Facebook.

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