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Friday, January 29, 2010

Handmade Goodies

Emilia got two special presents in the mail this week. First, she got a package from Auntie Faye in California. Faye's friend Lynda made her a special blanket, just like she made a blanket for Ella when Ella was a baby. Isn't that sweet? It's even embroidered with her name. And Lynda doesn't even know the girls. Here's Emilia opening the box.

And here she is enjoying the blanket. (Sorry about the terrible lighting.) I love the blanket, too, because it's big enough that I can use it to cover myself up, too, when I rock Emilia.

I also ordered Emilia a hat from one of my school friend's Etsy Store. Isn't it cute? And Emilia loves it! (Please excuse her dirty face. She's one. And she loves food.)

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