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Saturday, January 23, 2010

White Chocolate Lemon Cupcakes

One of my friends emailed me a recipe from Oprah's website for Spectacular Lemon Mousse Pie. It does sound spectacular. It also sounds like a lot of work. It got me in the mood for lemon, so I decided to try something easier to fulfill my lemon craving. I made white cupcakes from a Betty Crocker cake mix, filled them with lemon curd from the grocery store, and frosted them with the white chocolate frosting I used for the White Chocolate Mocha Cupcakes I made a few weeks ago. (The same recipe...not the same frosting. The frosting is long gone.) While the lemon cupcakes were not as to die for as the mocha cupcakes, they were still pretty yummy. And pretty easy. Because I'm pretty lazy.

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