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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Fourth of July Weekend

We had a busy Fourth of July. We spent time in Rolla and Satanta with family and friends. I think I also got Ella (finally) convinced that the Fourth of July and Independence Day are the same holiday. Here are some highlights of our weekend:

It was great to spend time with friends, especially the Gardners. We hadn't seen Norah in almost a year. She's gotten so big! Here's Emilia with Chris and Norah.

The water slide the Gardners brought was awesome.

Only Ella would wear goggles to go down an inflatable water slide. That's our girl!

Emilia lightened up--she let lots of people hold her, including Grandma Apple (finally!), Grandpa Larry, Great Grandpa Link, Brent, Leanne, Brandee, Chris, and Stacey.

Emilia is scooting further distances although she hasn't become too mobile. She's getting even better at pulling herself up to furniture and cruising around. She also learned how to get into a seated position on her own.

Church in the Park was great. Ella really enjoyed playing in the Moon Walk after church--even though she insists it shouldn't be called a Moon Walk as it is not on the moon.

Kelvin is such a good sport. Here he is letting the kids climb all over him.

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