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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Long time, no post

We got a new computer! Our old computer is almost as old as Ella, and although we've added memory and updated it several times, it's starting to run out of hard drive space. We kept the old computer in the basement so Ella can play games on it (and so I don't have to move all my pictures off the hard drive) and set up the new computer in the family room. We also got a new router so we finally have Internet access on the laptop again. It took a visit from Pioneer to make it work, but we're loving the new set-up.

Ella went to two weeks of Kids' College. She took classes in drama, art, puppetry, and Spanish. Ella was so mad that we enrolled her in the drama class because she said she was already dramatic and didn't need classes. Of course, drama wound up being her favorite class. On the last day, they performed "Skippy John Jones and Mummy Trouble." She and Ava played the mothers.

Poor Ella's had a rough week with injuries. Her head got shut in the door at Kids' College, our front door got caught in the wind and hit her in the forehead, and her nose made hard contact with Caydon's head while they were playing volleyball, giving her a bloody nose. Good thing she's tough!

Emilia can scoot to something she really wants, but she's still not generally mobile. She can cruise all over the place if she has furniture or a wall to hang onto, and she occasionally stands by herself for a few seconds before she falls. Still no crawling, though. She had her nine-month check-up this week. She weighs 23.04 pounds and is 28 1/2 inches long.

We're going to Amarillo for vacation next weekend. I know an Amarillo vacation doesn't sound too exciting, but traveling with a baby (even a laid-back one like Emilia) is so much work that I don't want to go far. I've never been to Amarillo except to fly out, so it will be new for me. We're excited to stay at the Homewood Suites, go to Wonderland and Splash Amarillo, and go shopping.

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