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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Life with Ella

Here are few incidents from this past week that demonstrate what a joy our little Ella can be.

Incident #1: Spanish and spelling

Ella picked up a paper from her Spanish class at Kids' College that said, "Me llamo Ella." She ripped it up, yelling, "It's wrong!" I finally figured out that she thought it was misspelled. We tried to explain that in Spanish, two Ls make a Y sound, but she wasn't having it. "I'm going to tell those Spanish people they don't know how to spell," she said.

Incident #2: A conversation with Great Grandma and Great Grandpa Burrows

Grandma: Ella, do you know how old Great Grandpa is?

Ella: He's 97.

Grandma: That's right. If he lives until next January, he'll be 98. Maybe if he lives to be 100, his picture will be on the Today Show.

Grandpa: I hope I don't live to be 100.

Ella: If you don't, we can sing Happy Birthday to you at the cemetery.

Incident #3: Telephone etiquette

As I was putting Emilia down for a nap, the phone kept ringing once or twice, stopping, and then ringing again. It did this three times. I put Emilia in her crib and managed to catch the phone the next time it rang. After I got off the phone, I asked Ella if she had picked up the phone. She said she did once, but she didn't hear anything. I figured it was probably a bad connection with a cell phone and didn't think anything of it.

A few minutes later, I was downstairs in the basement when I heard the phone ring again. I couldn't find the basement handset, so I sprinted up into the kitchen in time to see Ella pick up the kitchen phone, say, "We can't come to the phone right now; please leave a message," and slam the phone down. Luckily, it was just Ryan calling, but I wonder how many other people she's done that to lately.

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