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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

The most famous yoga instructors in the world

This morning at dance class, Mrs. Gallagher suggested that Ella do some stretching at home. That led to Ella and Ava attempting to do a yoga DVD. (They picked one that I now realize I borrowed from Leanne back in about 1947 and have never returned--sorry!)

They soon tired of following instructions and decided to do yoga on their own.

This lead to them becoming yoga instructors, saying things like, "This is one is great for your legs" and "You mommies out there will recognize this move." (I'm not quite sure what that means.)

After that, they changed clothes and moved outside. I asked what they were doing. Here's the conversation.

Ava: "We're the most famous yoga instructors in the world."

Ella: "Yeah, because we have $5."

Ava: "I'll trade you a quarter for that $5 bill."

Ella: "But I don't have a quarter."

Here they are, the most famous yoga instructors in the world, signing autographs for their adoring fans.

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