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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Father's Day

Here are some highlights of our Father's Day weekend.

Ella cannot keep a secret. At all. I didn't tell her I had gotten Ryan an iPod for Father's Day until the day before he opened it. She managed to keep her mouth shut until he started to tear the wrapping paper. Then, before he had even gotten the wrapping paper torn, she blurted out, "Daddy, it's an iPod." It was pretty cute.

We went to Rolla on Sunday. The church there is really small--there were about 40 people in church, and 15 of them belonged to our family.

Emilia continues to refuse to let many people hold her, but she does seem to like Chandler. She enjoyed playing with Chandler and Hunter on the floor at Grandma's.

Emilia also enjoyed swimming in the Rolla pool. I've only taken her to the pool in Satanta once, and she was not impressed with the water at all, but she really had fun in Rolla. She stayed in the pool for quite a while. When I held her on her stomach, she made swimming movements with her arms and legs. I'll have to take her to the Satanta pool again to see how she does.

Emilia has figured out how to do a one-legged army crawl, but she'll only crawl a short distance and only to get something she really once. She doesn't seem to realize she could use that technique to get all over the place. I'm secretly happy she's not quite crawling yet--it makes my life a little easier!

Ella enjoyed swimming in Rolla and playing with Ashton. They rode around in his little battery-operated pick-up and created a secret hide-out over at the church. She was so tired when we left Rolla. That didn't keep her from trying to delay bedtime once we got home, though. She had been in bed for a little while when she came upstairs and said there was water on her wall. We've never had water in our basement before, but Ryan was still a little concerned. He went down to check, and sure enough, the wall was wet. Then he realized the wetness started about half-way up the wall--right at Ella's height. When he smelled it, he realized it wasn't water. Then he saw the Febreeze bottle on Ella's desk. She's certainly creative, isn't she?

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