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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Summer thoughts

We're really going to have to get on a summer schedule. I think it will be easier once Ryan starts teaching summer school on Monday. Not sure why, but I find it easier to create and follow a schedule when he's not around.

We need a schedule to keep Ella occupied and away from the TV. She would watch TV constantly if we would let her. It bothers me that it seems like there's a real lack of quality programming for kids her age. (Maybe it's out there and we just don't get it?) I didn't mind her watching some PBS shows when she was younger, but she's outgrown a lot of the educational shows. She's really too old for Sesame Street and Word World now. The ones that probably are age appropriate now (Word Girl and Fetch) aren't really on at the time that she's watching TV (and we're too cheap to have DVR). So she winds up watching mindless shows (like Hannah Montana and The Suite Life) and shows that aren't necessarily geared for her age (Jon and Kate and What Not to Wear, along with all of the various freak shows on TLC like Half-Ton Teen and Mystery Diagnosis). Gone are the days when she couldn't work the remote and I had her convinced we didn't get the Disney channel. We need to set up some more firm rules about what she's allowed to watch and when she can watch it.

Our big TV (the free one from Ryan's mom's friend Pat Trahern) is slowly dying. It occasionally just turns itself off and refuses to come back on. We're just waiting for it to die, and then we'll move one of the smaller ones back up. In our ten years of marriage, we've yet to buy a TV ourselves (they've all been given to us), and I don't think we're ready to start buying TVs now.

Ella's doing really well with reading and math. I think getting in a schedule will help us work on those skills instead of her zoning out in front of the TV all day. I'm struggling a little with keeping her entertained and taking care of Emilia. It takes more planning that I'm used to. Emilia always seems to be napping when Ella needs to get to summer reading or wants to go to the pool. I'm sure I'll get it all figured out eventually.

Ella's enjoying the swimming pool so far. She's a good little swimmer. We went to Rolla yesterday, and Uncle Stacy got her to try to slide and the diving board. She loved them both. Swimming lessons start in a week, and she's excited. I've only taken Emilia to the pool once, and she was not impressed. We've also discovered that her skin turns pink after only a few minutes outside, even with SPF 60 sunscreen on. She might not be much of a pool baby this summer.


  1. We've been married 12 years and just bought our first TV. I'm struggling with the TV issue, also. Avery loves word girl. I've banned the disney shows. We rent DVD's from the library and I try to limit it to one show a day. I did a post on our summer schedule. It may be too rigid, but, after 1 week, it's worked so far...

  2. Jaxon loves to watch TV too. Maybe we could plan some crafts to do together or something.