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Friday, May 29, 2009

Reunited and it feels so good...

If you know Ella, you also know blankie. Here are some pictures of Ella and blankie throughout the years.

(I'd forgotten how long her hair used to be. It kind of makes me sad that she cut it all off...herself.)

Anyway, when Ella was about one, she started stealing Madeline's blankie, so we decided she needed her own. We bought some pink satin and zebra fake fur, and blankie was born. (By the way, six years ago, zebra and pink was not the hot combo it is today. I'm such a trendsetter.) When we realized blankie was a hit, we bought more fabric and eventually wound up with five blankies. For a long time, we kept the fact that there were multiples a secret; Ella thought there was only one blankie. Now she knows better.

After almost six years, we're down to just two blankies. This allows us to alternate washings so that while they generally smell disgusting, they're not downright putrid. Usually.

(Emilia loves Ella's blankies despite the smell. When Ella suggested making Emilia her own blankie, I asked if we should use the same fabric or different. Ella said the same. I asked how we would tell her blankies apart from Emilia's. She replied, "By the smell.")

On the last day of school, Ella spent the afternoon at Julie's. She went home at lunch to get blankie since we don't let her take blankie to school. As we left Julie's, she had blankie in her hand. When we got home, blankie was missing. I've been searching for that lost blankie for a week now. (And the remaining blankie has gotten increasingly smelly.)

Today Julie brought the missing blankie to VBS. Ron had found their yard...up in a tree.

When Julie told Ella where Ron found it, Ella said, "I guess it must have blown off my porch and into your tree." (Julie lives about two blocks from us.)

Julie said, "Or you climbed the tree and left it there." (Ella is a devoted tree climber just like Bekah.)

"Oh, yeah," said Ella. "I forgot."

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