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Monday, April 13, 2009


A favorite Burrows family tradition is topless Easter egg decorating. Grandma Apple told the kids they could do whatever they wanted with their eggs...

I don't think she was expecting Ashton to do this.

Ally decided to drink the dye. At least she didn't try to eat the dye tablets like she did last year.

Here's Preston playing outside in the rain.

Grandma Burrows and Emilia.

Sunday afternoon the kids couldn't wait to hunt more eggs. Grandma Apple always makes it into a scavenger hunt. Chandler's was really hard--he had to know math and history, and be able to find the eggs.

Emilia has developed separation anxiety. If someone else is holding her and I walk by, she reaches out for me. She cries when I leave the room. She's gotten really picky about who holds her. Grandma Apple can only hold her facing out so she doesn't know who has her. She's pretty iffy about Grandpa Larry, and she's absolutely terrified of Uncle Stacy. She screams whenever she gets near him. Ryan tried to hand her to Stacy when she was asleep, and she still cried. Does Uncle Stacy smell? We don't know.

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