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Thursday, April 16, 2009

Frugal Friday

Lessons from Great Grandma Burrows

Today's Lesson: Don't Go Shopping

Grandma Burrows follows two shopping principles:
  1. Anything you need can be found at the grocery store or the pharmacy.
  2. All shopping should be done on foot.
Consider how these rules could affect your spending habits. How much could you save if you never went to the mall? Or Target? Or Walmart? (And don't even start thinking about Internet shopping--Grandma Burrows has never even seen a computer, let alone shopped on-line.)

And if you could only buy what you could carry home, you'd think a lot harder before you'd toss something into the cart, now wouldn't you? You might be wondering how Grandma purchases things like clothes that you can't buy at White's Foodliner. Well, the answer is, she doesn't. If, like Grandma, you wore the same pair of pants for 40 years, your checkbook balance would look more like Grandma's and less like mine.

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