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Sunday, April 12, 2009

Hunting Easter Eggs in the Rain

Saturday was the Elkhart Easter egg hunt, and even though it was raining, we loaded up all the cousins to find some eggs. (Except for Emilia--she stayed in Rolla with Daddy.) It was pretty rainy. Of course, our kids have all grown up in Kansas, so they think rain is a fun novelty. Here's Ella and Ashton sharing an umbrella. Poor Grandma Apple spent the whole time worrying that someone would get an eye poked out by the umbrella.
See the rain drops on this egg?

Here's Anya with her eggs.

Here's Ashton.

Preston and Ella hunted eggs together. It was a good thing, too. Ella needed Preston to defend her when other kids tried to take her eggs. (Based on the people we saw, I think there must have been a rumor that there would be meth in the eggs.)

Poor Ella just lacks the killer instinct needed to do well at an Easter egg hunt. She lets the other kids push past her, so she only found four eggs. And then she dropped one, and somebody took it from her. (She redeemed herself at the Sunday School Easter egg hunt--sort of. Her teacher told us that Ella found "the lion's share" of the Easter eggs. Ella later told us she was the only kid in Sunday School.)

Luckily one of the eggs Ella found was a good one--she won this Easter basket!

Here's a picture of Ella and Emilia on Easter morning. I'll get more pictures posted later.

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